Deneen Riley's Fight Against Cancer

Deneen's Fight Ended Tuesday April 2nd (See Update Below)

The purpose of this site is to raise funds for Deneen's cancer fight, raise breast cancer
awareness and
education.   100% of all donations will go to cover Medical Bills, Doctor
Bills, Prescriptions and Cost Of Living expenses.

A Story Of Hope And Sorrow

In Deneen’s 5 year fight against cancer, with the help of her daughter Allison and
husband Colin, she has overcome both breast and brain cancer.  Now, the cancer has
reemerged in her spine and lung.  This fight has taken a terrible financial toll on her
family.  She needs your help to continue to live and care for her 6 year old daughter,
Allison and husband Colin.
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Update:    Deneen's fight ended on April 2nd, 2007 at 5:02 pm
                She will be missed...


Showing:    Wednesday April 4th 4pm-8pm
Hinsey-Brown Funeral Service
             3406 S. Memorial Drive
             New Castle, IN 47362
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Service:      Thursday April 5th 10:30
United Pentecostal Church Of New Castle
             2208 Broad Street
             New Castle, IN  47362
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Stop the clocks, turn down the sheets
My sister has no more deadlines to meet
Stop the cars in the middle of the street
Stop the world from shuffling its feet
Today, the sun will not show its head
The sun now knows that Deneen is dead
Lay back her head and close her eyes
Now we must say our goodbyes
Time is like a wave, crashing to shore
Of all the sand it takes, it always wants more
But, Deneen has found a way to always cheat time
A younger vision of her will always be mine

-Your Brother

Current News About Deneen  

After visiting the Indiana University Medical Center in January 2007, Deneen was
diagnosed with Leptomeningeal Carcinoma (spine lining cancer) which is related to her
previous condition of Carcinomatous Meningitis (brain cancer).  Both describe the
condition where cancer has inhabited the Meninges or lining of the brain and spinal cord.  
Deneen was diagnosed with the Carcinomatous Meningitis a year and three months ago
and was treated with Methotrexate (Chemo) and Radiation.  The cancer cells in her spinal
fluid had reduced to a non-detectable level by August 2006, however despite the
treatments, faith and family support, the cancer has returned.  It now effects her spinal
column and is impairing her nerve function, ability to walk, and capability to care for her
one true love - her daughter.  We need your help in supporting Deneen and her family
during this time of great despair and yet hope for what the future might provide.
A Mother Fighting Cancer
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